A Roadmap for Scientific Journal Publications

Dr. Fereidoon Shahidi, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Functional Foods; Associate Editor, Food Chemistry. Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada. fshahidi@gmail.com

How to prepare and successfully publish your research work”


Dr. Bernhard Hennig, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry. University of Kentucky, U.S.A. bhennig@uky.edu

Advice for the preparation of successful manuscripts”


Dr. Zhenyu Chen, Associate Editor, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Chinese University of Hong Kong, China. b583743@mailserv.cuhk.edu.hk

Common criteria for the acceptance and rejection of a manuscript”

Dr. Andrew Waterhouse, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture. University of California – Davis, U.S.A. alwaterhouse@ucdavis.edu

Navigating the publication process”


Dr. A.-N. Tony Kong, Editor-in-Chief, Current Pharmacology Reports. Rutgers University, U.S.A. kongt@pharmacy.rutgers.edu

Publishing review articles”


Dr. Youling L. Xiong, Scientific Editor, Journal of Food Science; Associate Editor, Food Bioscience. University of Kentucky, U.S.A. ylxiong@uky.edu

Key points on improving the probability of your paper’s acceptance”